The existing building had a defensive presence, painted dark hunter green with small openings. To reinvent its image, we lightened the facade, removed three windows at the terrace level and added a large sliding door as the grand welcoming gesture to the community.     
 To eliminate physical barriers at street level, we demolished a built-in planter and widened the terrace stairs to maximize pedestrian access from the sidewalk. Busy vertical rails on the stairs leading to the second floor theatre were replaced with clear glass. The result is a transparent and open space that serves as the perfect platform for performance artists.    
 Strong graphics on the back video wall draws the eye into the lobby. The ten-foot wide opening allows patrons to traverse from interior to exterior before, during and after shows.   
 A new and improved box office greets guests and flows into an enlarged lobby which doubles as a gallery for local artists.    
 To peak interest from a distance, we proposed to project live stage performances on the exterior screen as a voyeuristic glimpse of what's happening inside.  
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